Tips for a woman to conceive on time

Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

Sep 01 , 2020

In today’s time,women face problems in conceiving because of many reasons including unhealthy eating habits, and many other personal reasons. Though it is not that easy to solve this issue but some steps can be taken to make it happen. We tell you few ways of increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Monitor the record of your menstrual cycle

To conceive  it is very important to know whether your periods are coming on time or not? Keep a record of your menstrual cycle by marking every month of your date on the calendar. Check if your hormonal balance is okay because this way you can predict better about when you might be ovulating and at what time your ovaries will release an egg.

Regular Checkup

When you start trying to conceive, do visit a gynecologist  for the regular checkup because she may give you some prenatal vitamins that are helpful during this time. Mostly folic acid is given to the women because they play a major role in keeping you safe from some birth defects.

Lie down after having sex

 Tips for a woman to conceive on time

Though there is no guarantee that after doing this you will surely conceive but still it raises the chances. Immediately after having sex, lie down on the bed with your feet up in the air and don’t go washroom immediately to  let the sperm enter the cervix properly.

Have Sex Regularly

To conceive faster have sex regularly but not every day because it is also important to give sperm time to develop. The most effective days to conceive are 6 days in a month which are prior to your ovulation days.

Eat Healthy

 Tips for a woman to conceive on time

To conceive on time, it is essential for you to stay fit and eat healthy foods because this does affect your overall hormonal balance. Eat all the items that give you sufficient nutrients like calcium, protein and iron.

Reduce the strenuous activities

No doubt, exercising is good but excessively doing it can disturb your hormonal cycle. So, to avoid such obstacles avoid heavyweight exercises.

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