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Tips For Storing Breast Milk

Jul 06 , 2021

Most mothers store breast milk so it is important to know the right way to store it to retain its nutritional value once its been taken out in a bottle.

Here are some things to keep in mind while storing breast milk for future use:

  • You can store the milk at room temperature if it will be used up within 4 hours.
  • Use an icebox or coolers that have ice packs to store breast milk if you have to store it for more than 24 hours.
  • Store breast milk in the freezer if you are planning to use it up in 2 weeks.
  • Use sterilized containers to store breast milk. Avoid using glass containers for this purpose.
  • Use labels to remember the date the breast milk was stored. This will help you avoid any spoilage.
  • Make sure to clean your breast pump clean. Use hot water and soap to clean out the parts properly.
  • Use clean hands to handle breast milk pump to avoid any spoilage.
  • Make sure there are no tears in the milk bag if you are storing it in one.

Here are some tips to help you store breast milk properly. The method you choose to preserve the milk will depend on how soon you plan to use it. Take care of the basic hygiene and your milk won’t spoil. If you notice the milk separating after a few hours and this is normal. Just shake it a little before use.

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