Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Jan 04 , 2021

There are many queries of a pregnant woman and same was with me when I was pregnant. There are many thoughts too which haunt as what to do and what not to for a healthy baby. A woman who is going to be a mommy wants everything perfect for her coming baby. Here we have some tips to help them out in staying happy and healthy during their pregnancy.

Yoga and meditation

It has always been a boom for pregnant woman and should be practised regularly. Doing this you feel rejuvenated, strong and happy and the breathing exercises in Yoga helps to release the emotional toxins and recreates your thinking pattern. Try doing meditation for 30 minutes every day.

Focus on your diet

We all know that our body is directly composed of the food we eat. Thus, for a pregnant woman, it is all more important to focus on the diet she is having. The physical, mental and emotional health of the newborn child is directly connected with the food intake, so should be looked upon.

Water consumption

Water consumption

Drink at least 9 to 10 glasses every day as this helps you to prevent nausea. Try avoiding drinking right before going to bed as drinking too much before bed will make you run to washrooms at night.

Reduce toxins

Reducing your exposure to toxins is important during pregnancy, both for you and your baby’s health. Try having as many organic foods as possible and for cleaning use natural products like baking soda, castile soap etc as other products may have toxic content which can harm the skin and body.

Choosing the right sleeping position

Choosing the right sleeping position

A pregnant woman needs to avoid lying flat on back on the bed as it pressurizes the weight of the uterus on the spine and major blood vessels, which further decreases the blood flow to the body which is very dangerous. Prefer sleeping sideways.

Wear the right footwear

Wear the right footwear

Avoid wearing heels and try wearing comfortable shoes as this helps you be free from swelling of feet and ankles.

Laugh all you can

Laughter is a great way to reduce stress during pregnancy. Laughter releases chemicals that improve our mood and help us feel better.

You also need to rest at the right time, stay active, exercise, believe in yourself etc to stay happy and healthy.

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