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Strange Foods Women Craved While Pregnant

Jul 06 , 2020

The nine-month-long process is always defined as a wonderful experience as it is full of loving feelings. But all mothers  in pregnancy gets cravings to eat different kinds of food items. Usually these cravings are ice cream, chocolate, chips, gol gappe but sometimes they are not the naturally edible ones.  If are also also having weird cravings then don’t worry as its normal and to make you feel better we list down few weird pregnancy cravings that women experienced.

Chalk craving – Eating chalk like we used to do during childhood.

    • Eating biscuit with pickle

    • Drinking iced water always

    • Weird ice cream combinations.

    • Eating chips with soup

    • Mustard craving – eating everything with mustard sauce

    • Tomato sauce cravings.

    • Craving rice with ice cream

    • Craving for hot with cold combination

  • Spicy craving- eating very spicy

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