Effective Home Remedies for Sagging Breasts

Sep 12 , 2021

Everyone has great assets, but we also need to put effort to maintain them. Breast health is really important for us and if you are dealing with sagging breasts, then it’s time to work on them. Sagging breasts might lead to some health problems and even lower your self-esteem. But don’t worry, here we have some simple and effective home remedies to uplift your breasts: 

  • Olive oil 

Massage your assets with olive oil daily. It will tone up your breasts and make them soft as well. Take some drops of olive oil in your palm and rub it between your hands before massaging your breasts with it.

  • Aloe vera gel 

Aloe Vera contains skin-tightening properties and that is why it is used in beauty hack. Get some fresh aloe vera gel on your breast, let it stay for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. 

  • Cold compress

This might be uncomfortable but it is most effective. Take some ice cubes and massage them around your breast in a circular motion for about 1-2 minutes to tighten the muscles around there. 

  • Egg white 

Egg white contains hydro lipids, which lift the loose skin surrounding the breast. Break an egg and remove the yolk, now beat it and apply it to your breasts. It is beneficial in tightening the sagging breasts.

  • Include protein in your diet 

Include lentils, dairy, and eggs in your daily diet. You should also eat foods like cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots to get your amount of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and calcium.

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