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Teething Foods To Offer Your Child

Jul 13 , 2021

Teething is an important part of your child’s development but it can be difficult as your baby might feel painful and uncomfortable. They not only become extra fussy while teething but cranky too. So you need to make sure what they want and most importantly that they eat. You can offer them foods that might soothe their pain and here is the list of foods that you should give to your baby while teething:

·        Hard vegetables

You can offer your kids carrots, cucumbers, and other hard vegetables as they will feel good against aching gums as your baby gnaws on them. But make sure you peel and wash them properly.

·        Cold foods

Go for smoothies, frozen fruits, cold yogurt, and slushies as the cool sensation can be a relief from the hot and painful gums for kids. You can also make homemade ice cream for them.

·        Teething biscuits

Chewing teething biscuits can be yummy and will relieve pain as well. You can easily get them from the grocery stores. They are designed to break up and dissolve easily so that kids can eat them.

·        Foods to suck

Sucking motions can give some temporary relief from pain. Popsicles can be a good option. Or you can freeze fruits like watermelon, mango, or melon for them. You can make popsicles at home as well, blend fruits with some water and pour them into popsicle mold.

While your baby is teething you must avoid giving them citrus food and spicy items as well.

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