Reasons to Do a Digital Detox!

Sep 12 , 2021

When we shut our laptop down after a long day, we pick up our phones and when we are done with that, we pick up another device. It has become our go-to source of entertainment and we have made it a habit to keep tabs on people’s lives.

Being online constantly can take a toll on your mental health and some people may not even realize the kind of impact social platforms can have. While it is not possible to stay away from the digital world entirely, it can be moderated. Scheduling a digital break from time to time can help you gain some perspective and gives you a chance to reassess and reflect.

Reduces screen time

It will give you a chance to reconnect with your children and your reduced screen time can encourage them to cut back theirs.

You get to choose the role of technology in your life

Most people think they have control over technology but that is not true. Taking a step back from digital space helps you understand how you can live offline and still be happy.

No comparison with other people

We compare our lives with other people, even subconsciously and that can not only harm our mental health but also restrict our growth. Spending some time away from social platforms gives you a break from the constant comparison.

Improves brain function

Spending too much time on screen can hinder brain development. Taking some time away will give you a chance to explore other interests.

Better sleep quality

Most people have a habit of using the phone until they sleep. This affects the quality of sleep so taking a break will help you understand the difference.

What benefits have you reaped from this habit?

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