When You are the Only Mother in the Group

Sep 13 , 2021

When you are the only mother in your group then there are certain things that only you can relate to. Read on and let us know if you can relate to them

•    You are the last one to reply on WhatsApp group

•    Your handbag is packed with baby stuff

•    Your friends talk about new songs and you don’t know even a single one.

•    Most of the time you miss the meetups

•    Your friend’s profile picture is their selfie and yours is your child pictures

•    It’s been ages since you went out for a party

•    Makeup? New products? You hardly have knowledge about it now

•    Your friends discuss new shows and you haven’t watched TV since long 

•    The only time you talk to your friends is when your child is asleep

•    The only time you check your phone is in the night

•    Your friends make shopping plans and you are busy shopping for your baby.

  • If you are out with friends you just keep thinking and inquiring about the little one.
  • You buy gifts for the baby whenever you leave him or her at home.
  • You prefer comfortable clothes and footwear over trendy.
  • Your conversations always have a mention about the baby.

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