Milk allergy in babies

How to Identify Milk Allergies in Babies

Aug 13 , 2021

Being in Indian households, a lot of people consume dairy products and it makes up for a good part of our diet. When a baby starts to eat solids, parents may introduce milk to their diet as well. But some kids might be allergic to cow milk so this something that should be taken into consideration in the beginning. 

If you too are looking for ways to identify that, here are some signs that tell your baby is allergic to milk. 

  • They have stomach problems including indigestion, diarrhoea and even stomach aches after consuming milk. 
  • They are spitting up or vomiting their food out. 
  • They develop rashes all over their body or swelling around eyes, lips or even their face 
  • They have developed a runny nose or their nose has been blocked ever since milk has been introduced to their diet. 
  • Their stomach keeps rumbling after they have had their food. 
  • They have blood or mucus in their stool. 
  • Your baby feels uncomfortable after being fed cow’s milk and is unable to burp. He/she may also feel gassy. 
  • They are fussy and irritable after having cow’s milk. 

If you have been observing these signs, it is best to speak with your doctor and make the required changes in the diet as soon as possible.

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