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Ways to Help Your Babies Self Soothe

Jul 09 , 2021

When you are finally ready to put your baby down for a nap, you may see them adjusting to your absence and you wonder when will they learn to sleep on their own. By around 4 or 5 months some babies learn to self-soothe as they get older and their sleep patterns become more regular so self-soothing becomes easier. But if you wish to speed up the process just support your them while they learn to do that.

You can follow these tips to help them out.

A bedtime routine

Routines wire the mind into following a certain series of activities. When these tasks are planned near bedtime, the body signals the brain to get ready for bed so a consistent bedtime routine can help your baby. 

Fix a time to sleep 

When forming a bedtime routine, also pay attention to the time. Fix a time for bed so your baby understands the cues and can fall asleep easily.

Family Support

Take the family members on board when planning to start this as without their support it won’t be possible.

Give them a soothing toy 

Babies tend to fall asleep faster when they get to keep their favourite toys. If your baby is just learning this, let them keep their most loved toy with them if it is safe to do so. 

Let them sleep themselves after feeding 

If your baby falls asleep while being fed, that may keep them from learning how to self soothe. After they are done, allow them to spend some time in bed by themselves and fall asleep that way. 

These tips will help your baby self soothe but make sure to be flexible with your approach as this may take a little while in the beginning. Also trust their instincts, pay attention to the baby’s cues, and seek expert help when they struggle.

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