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Major Challenges Of Having Twins

Sep 12 , 2021

Having twins is a double delight but we should know the another side of the story too.A mother who gets this double blessing is lucky, but it’s not a very easy task  as raising two little ones can be quite stressful too. So if you are pregnant with twins, it’s time to know about the major challenges you will face. Knowing these beforehand will surely help you prepare well for the challenges.

1. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is the worst thing that mothers having twins face. Newborn babies sleep at odd hours so, when it comes to two munchkins things get really stressful. Instead of proper hour sleep, you have to go for power naps. In this situation, you become really tired and exhausted especially when you have no other helping hand.

2. Giving equal time to each baby

 5 Challenges that mother face when they have twins

When you have a newborn in your house, you always keep your eyes on him give all your love, care and time. But, when you have two little babies you have to face a challenge of managing your time in a way that you are able to give equal attention, affection, and care for each one. You cannot forget your responsibility towards any one of them until they grow up as early stages of kid needs more alertness.

3. Fulfilling needs at the same time

 5 Challenges that mother face when they have twins

The hardest time for a mommy is initial days of twin fancy when both babies need to get breast-fed, hiccupped, and changed at the same time. With two hands it’s not easy to handle two little ones, at many times twins also start crying together so it becomes tougher. So, in such circumstances, it becomes impossible to meet the needs of both twins together.

4. Handling fights

 5 Challenges that mother face when they have twins

Many people have a misconception that twins are best buddies but as every story has two phases doubles are no less when it comes to fights. As they grow, their endless fights become a burden on parents and sometimes these arguings go on an extreme level. The main reason behind this is the competition they have with each other and no one wants to lose in the race.

5. Face the real mess

 How to deal with a child having mental disability

You might have heard many times that the power of two is more than one,  similar is the case with twin babies. You should always be prepared for facing the real mess when they are together. Their untidiness turns out to be a big disaster sometimes which makes everyone goes crazy so think twice whenever you make them sit to eat.

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