Thumb sucking

Dangers of Thumb Sucking

Oct 12 , 2020

Thumb sucking is natural for babies but is equally dangerous too . There are many side effects of it that normally goes unnoticed but are the main reasons for kids being sick with bringing many others issues for them too. Some side effects of thumb sucking need to be taken care of and here we bring those you need to know about. Check them out:

Skin problems

Children who have a habit of doing it continuously may get serious skin problems in thumb. This is because when the skin is exposed to the moisture of the mouth it is more exposed towards other injuries as well. Many times hands even bleed making it more addictive to infections. You can bandage the affected area so that the kid stops sucking it.


Open bite

Open bite occurs when the front teeth of the mouth bulges outward. It affects the looks and is visible when kid’s smile too. This misalignment means that the top teeth bulges outward causing problem in closing the mouth totally in kids and the top and bottom teeth do not touch each other normally also.

Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking

Speaking problems

Thumb sucking affects the development of the teeth jaw and palate so it affects the way a kid speaks and eats. Due to it there can be speaking problems and not only this, it can also cause pronunciation issues. Speaking problems makes it difficult to communicate effectively. Children with speaking problem also becomes more frustrated, feel isolated and so parents need to take care that they do not develop this habit in childhood.


Germs can affect the teeth if the kid continuously does thumb sucking. Mostly, children who continue to do it in their school times too develop teeth infection so help them to not develop it as a habit.

To break this habit in kids praise and reward them when they try to avoid doing it. Encourage them to not practice the same and educate about its side effects. Comfort and try distracting them and in case if your child continues the same habit for long, contact a caring dental professional. Talk about how it can be cured and the possible ways to kick away the habit.

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