How to Care for Children With Epilepsy During the Pandemic

Jul 31 , 2020

The pandemic has made it difficult for many people to adjust to the new normal and rumors about health conditions don’t help either. There is a lot of misinformation that had many parents worried about epilepsy. The relation of developing symptoms of coronavirus with epilepsy was being discussed but data shows that there is no relation between the two. 

However, it is important to know that children who have controlled epilepsy are safer as compared to the ones who experience seizures. The episodes of seizure are controlled with the help of medicines which can affect the immune system. 

There are a few ways in which you can take care of your children during this time as neurological problems can also affect their ability to swallow and chew which puts them at risk of many infections. Here are the precautions to take.

Precautions to take for epileptic children

  • Continue with current medications without paying heed to any baseless claims.
  • Do not change the medications if you are unable to connect to any doctor
  • Make sure the sleeping schedule remains the same as before so that medications are given at the same time. Not doing so may trigger seizures.
  • Make sure your children are resting enough. Staying rested reduces the chances of seizures and epileptic episodes.

Apart from these precautions, it is important to stay in touch with your child’s doctor. Major consultation services are available via telemedicine and video consultation.

It is best if parents are prepared for an emergency situation. Make sure you understand how to respond effectively in case of an epileptic episode. Also, keep all the emergency numbers handy.

The situation can be brought under control and you can take care of your children during this pandemic. Have a word with the doctor and follow the instructions and you can definitely take care of things till the pandemic ends .

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