How to Gear Up For Changing Seasons

Mar 10 , 2020

Seasonal changes come with a challenge for the body to keep it healthy. Especially with kids it is all more important to look after each and every thing because they get effected by diseases more easily. So, here we have few tips to gear up for this changing weather

Avoid long baths

In changing weather, long baths are a must to be avoided. If children insist towards having a longer one, make them understand how it can affect them and can cause cold and fever. Make sure they are not in water for longer time.

Kids in weather change

Be cautious towards viral and infections

Infections and viral diseases are common in weather change. There are small precautions we need to take to be safe  for example, keep a check on things that kids eat, make them wear full sleeve clothes, mosquitoes attack the most these days, so keep windows closed and apply repellents, do not leave water containers open etc. In case of fever and cold, consult the doctor soon.

Immunity boosters

Children during weather change need immunity boosters to protect themselves and give the body the strength to fight diseases. So, include immunity boosting foods in their diet like turmeric, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, meat, fish, dairy products etc.


Hand wash

Every time children go out of the house infection causing germs are sure to attack. These infections are mostly transmitted through hands and mouth and so this makes hygiene to be the most important thing. Encourage them to wash hands frequently and try to avoid crowded places.

Eat and drink the correct way

Children generally are picky eaters and so getting all the vitamins and nutrients into their body is a challenge. Parents here need to pick appropriate foods as per the season .In weather change, water borne diseases are also common so keeping a check on it is essential. Give them plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

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