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How to make Reading Fun For Children

Nov 18 , 2020

Many young children often find reading boring and difficult and have trouble sitting down and reading a book. Getting your child to reading can be difficult for you. But you can make reading fun and interesting for them. It is a fundamental life skill that every child must develop.  The more children enjoy reading the more they will read. So here is the list of ways to make reading fun for them

•    Let your child choose what to read. This will develop their interest and they will find it fun exploring books.

•    Read every day with them or for them. Even if you only read for a few minutes it will show them that daily reading is important.

•     Try to make connections to something in the story with your life or the child’s life.

•    Change your voice according to the character and the action. This will just improve the storytelling experience. Make sure you don’t read too quickly. You don’t have to sound like you’re rushing to finish.

•    Reading doesn’t only have to be a book. You can read magazines, graphic novels, comic books, and other reading materials as well.

•     Talk about the cover. Ask your, kid, to guess what the book is about. Who are the characters? What is the title? Who is the author?

•    Show pictures to your child. They help a child to understand and connect with the book. 

•    Make a proper reading area where your child can read and relax. You can add blankets, a pillow, a variety of books, and lights to make it a perfect corner.

•    A library is a place where your child can find books, take them on a library trip once a month.

•    Kids love to give opinions so, ask for a book review after they are done reading it.

•    Gift them books of their interest often. Mix fiction and nonfiction.

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