Moments of Your Baby that you Must Capture

Jun 07 , 2021

Pictures are beautiful as they let you capture memories. Every parent loves to click his child and once you become parents your smartphone’s gallery is filled with your kid’s pictures. Pictures of your kid surely bring a smile on your face but there are some special moments that you must capture. Here is the list of pictures that you must click so that you can revisit the precious moments later: 

  • Pictures of his tiny feet
  • Picture of holding him for the first time 
  • Picture with the excited grandparents 
  • Capture his first smile 
  • Click him with his big brother or sister
  • His time walk 
  • The time when he starts looking into the camera 
  • Baby in daddy’s hand 
  • His first kiss to you 
  • The time when he starts crawling 
  • With his favorite toy 
  • Inside his nursery 
  • When he is laughing in sleep 

No amount of pictures are enough but capturing some special moments is great. 

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