Reasons for Hypertension in Children

Jun 05 , 2020

Most people think that high blood pressure is only observed in adults but that is not true. Children also suffer from hypertension but the doctors determine that using data of children from the same age, sex, height, etc. 

Hypertension children can lead to long term health problems and that includes serious problems like heart and kidneys diseases. There are many reasons why a child may have high blood pressure so we decide to tell you more about it

Reasons for hypertension 

There are multiple factors that decide normal blood pressure in children. Here are some reasons why they may have high blood pressure. 


It is the number one reason for hypertension in children. Children who are overweight and do not consume nutritious foods may eventually become obese and that can lead to other health problems as well. 

No physical activity 

Children who are not involved in any sports or physical activity and spend most of their time in front of screens may suffer from high blood pressure. Lack of movement leads to a sedentary lifestyle which is not good for health in the long term. 


Genes play an important role in deciding the health of children. If the parents have a history of hypertension then the child may likely have it too. 

Hormonal changes 

Changes in hormonal levels can also affect blood pressure in children. It may be temporary but if not controlled, high blood pressure due to hormonal changes can cause serious health complications. 

Underlying health conditions 

If the child is suffering from kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, a sleeping disorder, etc then this could be the reason behind high blood pressure. 

Some lifestyle changes can help keep the blood pressure in controls and the doctor may also prescribe medicines based on their health condition. Consult with your doctor to know more. 

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