Tips to Raise an Optimist

Apr 19 , 2021

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life and be an optimist. An optimist is someone who looks at life in a positive way and tries to find out the best in every situation.  I like every mother wanted the same for my kid and these tips helped me a in many ways so I decided to share with other parents too.


Solve problems together

Talk to your child when he is feeling low. It’s important for them to know that whatever has happened is not permanent and would be sorted. Teach them how to solve problems on their own while helping out at starting so that they become effective problem solvers and positive thinkers after.

Look on the brighter side

Everything happens for a reason and having a bright outlook on tough situations helps one move on positively. Help your child be focused and initiate moving on with a positive outlook rather than dwelling on the negative. It’s important for the kid to not give up and be discouraged.

Teach Patience

Patience is the key to optimism. Remaining patient in even adverse situations is important. This can be started early in childhood by letting your child wait and regain self-control before their requests are fulfilled.

Listen to their problems

Be there to comfort your child during tough times rather than scolding them for their failures. Help them come over their issues positively because this ends with an optimistic view. This way your child would learn to search positivity in negative situations and will help others do the same also.

Encourage reasonable risk-taking

With struggles to protect our kids from all negativity and risk, it is important to initiate reasonable risk-taking. Allow him to play alone in the backyard, learn skating without worrying to get hurt, etc so that he is not afraid of trying new things.


Teach children that it is okay if they do not succeed every time. Kids need to know that committing mistakes is not wrong but it’s important to learn from them. Help them out at times of failure and make them learn to accept both failure and success.

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