Ways to Tackle Air Pollution for Kids

Nov 10 , 2020

Diwali usually means catastrophic air in Delhi NCR. While the crackers are to be partly blamed, the farmers burning crop and weather disturbances are the main reasons. The sudden deterioration of air quality is hazardous in the long run. But it often leads to various health issues like congestion, breathing problems and more in children. As a mother this season always scares me but here are few ways I try to tackle the issue:

Air purifiers

While I feel every one must invest in an air purifier it is virtually impossible to keep one in every room your child goes to. This is where indoor plants that clean air help so invest in Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo palm, Dracaena “Janet Craig”  and place them strategically inside every room.

Stay Indoor

Stay Indoor

Stop outside activities

Yes, outside play is very important for kids but not at the risk of their health. Stopping all vigorous outdoor work-out as they put unnecessary pressure on lungs. In fact to commute to school or outside your child must wear a mask.

Home remedies

Sometimes old recipes work better than medication or as they say prevention is better than cure. Make your child take two spoonfuls of ginger infused warm water as this clears the smog from the system. Also give them honey before starting a cough medication.

Sprinkle water every few hours

Sprinkle a little bit of water in your balcony or outdoor area. This helps the dust settle down and not enter your house which help in decreased levels of pollution indoors.

Avoid opening the doors

According to the Met Department dust or smog is the lowest around 12 PM this is the only time you should open the doors and windows to let fresh air into the house. Also avoid sweeping and dusting as much as possible.

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