Tips for Homeschooling Kids During Pandemic

Nov 30 , 2020

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we educated our kids. Classrooms are now just a click away and all the learning happens in a virtual space. The schools aren’t reopening anytime soon as parents are concerned about the safety of their kids.

It is time to make the best out of the situation and adapt to this new way of learning. Many parents have started to homeschool their kids, apart from having them attend online classes which might not be sufficient for overall development.

We tell you some homeschooling tips that will help you make decisions about your child’s education:

  • Make use of free online courses available on various platforms. Take advantage of free study materials that are readily available.
  • Help your child in understanding his/her strength and shortcomings. This will help you design an ideal learning environment.
  • Help them focus on projects they are passionate about. Many educational coaches recommend that for children during this time.
  • Come up with a timetable and a schedule that you follow.
  • Don’t add too much pressure by introducing number of activities to your child’s schedule. Remember, this is a stressful time for both, the parents and the child.
  • Give them space to decide what they like and focus on subjects they have genuine interest in.

. You can also take the help of educators and coaches to understand how you can aid your child’s education during this time.

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