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Make These Garden Tents for Your Kids

May 21 , 2020

Summers are here and if you are looking for a DIY project for your garden with minimum requirements and materials then this one might be for you. We are talking about magical bean pole garden tents that parents are making for their kids.

All that is required is some poles, twine or string, soil, pole bean seeds and annual climbing flower seeds. You don’t have to be experienced in this project.

This tent is the solution for parents who are looking for something fun and engaging for their kids. You cannot only make a tent for them, but you can also teach them how to care for growth plans. And they can enjoy the final result.

So, here are the pictures of different bean tents that people have constructed.

This tent is like magic added to the garden! You can decorate these with lights, flowers and other things as well.

here is a video for details:

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