Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Sep 28 , 2020

Pregnancy is the best phase and feeling in a woman’s life and every expectant mom should  avoid few things during pregnancy to protect the health of their unborn baby.  When I got  pregnant there were  things I was unaware of and didn’t know that they could harm my baby. Luckily I got to know about them soon and everything went well but I don’t  want you guys to do the same mistakes, so here is the list


Alcohol is something which can prove to be poisonous for your baby’s health and it should be avoided completely during pregnancy. Alcohol becomes a barrier in the process of developing oxygen and nutrients for the baby and thus prevents the healthy development of the child. It also affects the baby’s skin.


It not only affects the health but can also create issues for you at the time of delivery. It is advised not to smoke during pregnancy as it has many side effects and can also take the form of physical disability in your child with other complications too.

Hair Dyes

Hair Dyes

Sounds weird? But yes you should not dye your hair during pregnancy. The dying products contain harmful chemicals that can hamper the growth of the developing fetus and as the maximum of them have ammonia content in them.The acidic smell that ammonia has hits your lungs and is not good for your unborn baby.

Sauna or Jacuzzi

These baths may be relaxing, but it increases your body’s temperature which is not good for the baby developing in you. Increasing your body’s temperature means your unborn baby’s temperature increases too which can lead to several spinal and brain problems in the child later.


Paints carry chemicals mixed with it which may harm your body. Thus it is advised to pregnant women to avoid it as you do not know how much chemicals your body can absorb and can harm you. Though the risk through paints is low but still  it should be avoided.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products

Before buying cleaning products, remember to check whether there are any precautions written on it for expecting mothers or not as many cleaning products have naphthalene content in them which can damage blood cells.

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