5 ways to stop force-feeding

5 ways to stop force-feeding

Jun 01 , 2021

Most parents think that their kids are too young so, they do not know how much and when to eat. With this, they are also insecure and worried about their kid’s healthy growth which in result make them force their child to eat. But, in reality, parents do not realize that when they force feed,  it has negative effects and leads to unhealthy eating habits. Read on to find more reasons to why you should not force feed your child
1. Force feeding leads to unhealthy eating habits in the child that stays for lifelong.
2. Because of overfeeding at times the kid might throw up  everything.
3. Overeating leads to obesity among kids, as they do not have any control over food when they grow up.
4. Kids form a hatred for food when they are pressured to eat more.
5. Pressuring destroys child’s natural appetite and makes the child eat less.
6. It develops Eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia among children when they grow up.

5 Ways to stop force-feeding

1. Keep low expectations

5 ways to stop force-feeding
Do not always keep high expectations in terms of your baby’s meal. Do not expect him to finish the whole food that you serve. It is ok when at times your child leaves little food on the plate. If you will force them to complete the food then, it eventually results in overeating.

2. Make a meal that your child will love

Make your child’s mealtime a fun time by adding all the good things that they will like. Make them eat all different things on the plate and explain how yum it is.

3. Give finger foods

Kids usually like finger foods and show interest towards such food items. So, to maintain daily calorie intake offer healthy finger foods.

4. Small and frequent meals

Do not try to fill your kid’s tummy at one time as their tummy is small. Offer small portions of food and increase the number of times.

5. Do not get insecure

Do not get worried if your child eats less than her sibling or neighbor. Everyone has different appetite and eating habits, you can not compare your child’s growth and eating habits with others.

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