Signs that shows your Man is ready to become a Daddy

Signs That your Man is Ready to Become a Daddy

Oct 20 , 2020

After marriage almost every couple plans for a baby but on the right time. Though it’s a mutual decision however in some cases only a woman needs it and is not sure about her partner. So if you too are not sure about your partner  then here are some of the signs that will show that your man is ready to become a daddy:

Takes interest in Kids

Be it anyone’s kids, your neighbors, relatives, friends or someone you see at any store, if your partner looks at them, make cute faces or try to make them laugh then this shows that he like babies. This is also an indication that he is interested in small children and can handle them.

If he talks about you being a Mother

When your husband talks with you about babies or imagines you having a little one in your hands, cuddling him or feeding him, this means he has already started planning for a family.


This is one of the major aspect on which you can realize that your husband is ready to become a father. You can know this by analyzing little things like, how much responsibilities he takes, the household work he does and does he help you out when he comes back home after work.

Financial Stability

Having a child is a turning point in your life and for that you must be financially capable . If  he has a stable job, house and good savings then this shows he is mature enough to become a daddy.

Forward Baby’s Videos

If your hubby frequently sends you cute videos of little babies then this is also a sign that he thinks of having a little one in his home now. Along with this, if all his friends have kids he may also envy them and shares his feelings with you.

Takes care of you

Make sure that your partner never takes you for granted, knows what you want, takes care of you. After all, even a child wants all this and needs his daddy to always stay with him, pamper him and have a strong bond.

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