Benefits of Abacus for Children

Benefits of Abacus for Children

Jul 13 , 2021

Abacus is one of the initial calculating device known to man. It was used for arithmetic calculations before the recognition of the written numerical system and is a true helper for anyone who wants to do calculations easily. This is why even today it is considered important to teach children learn  calculations using abacus. Read on to know the benefits of Abacus for children:

1. Build a solid base for mathematics


Learning abacus forms a strong understanding of maths right from the foundational years. With the visual help of an abacus, Children have to count the beads, and this grows their hand-eye coordination. With practice, the child improves an image of the abacus in his/her head to do mental maths.

2. Abacus Improves logical understanding

After  practice children improve the capability to imagine an abacus in their mind and to make mental calculations. When a child create maths question in his/her mind he/she has to think and apply logic to do the right movement of beads in mind. Constantly doing mental math forms their capacity to put on logic in other day-to-day life situations as well.

3. Better understanding of math

Abacus training develop the child’s ability of resolving mathematical problems with integers, decimal and fractions, and difficulties demanding higher level of logical thinking.

4. Improves memory and visualization

 Benefits of Abacus for Children

Abacus learners have better hearing and visual memory compared to non-abacus learners. Abacus learning can improve visualisation, which is due to the fact that abacus students visualise an abacus in their mind. The visualisation capability is beneficial to students in other fields of study as well.

5. Abacus Improves concentration

In California, researchers examined the special effects of abacus training on children in a classroom. It was found that the students who received abacus training displayed a major development in concentration levels.


6. Higher academic performance

It is useful to children as it helps them in growth of their academic performance. In mathematics subject, the score rises when the children follow Abacus.

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