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First aid tips for accidents

Sep 21 , 2020

Mishaps can happen anywhere and anytime so being prepared for it is important and especially when you have kids some precautionary measures needs to taken. A few days back one of my friend’s daughter fell from the swing and  was bleeding profusely but my friend could not provide her any first aid as she was unaware of what to do . This is the reason I decided to share some helpful  first aid tips for accidents and emergencies


Firmly press it with a clean cloth and then clean it under running water and dry gently. A wound always needs to be cleaned first. After drying apply antibiotic ointment and cover the wound with bandage  or adhesive tape. If you can’t control the bleeding see the doctor as soon as possible.

Insect stings

If children develop rashes or swelling, they need emergency assistance.  Otherwise just wash the affected area with soap and water and to reduce swelling apply an ice-pack or calamine lotion for relief.

First aid


In case of burns take under cool running water as soon as possible or put on a wet towel. Leave the would open and apply an burn gel or cream . After doing  this consult he doctor for further treatment.


In this condition, make your child sit upright and do not tilt the head back. Take off any tight cloth wrapped around the neck. Hold the lower end of the child’s nose and make to lean forward and apply pressure continuously for some time. If the nosebleed is due to trauma, hold ice pack against the bridge of the nose to slow down bleeding.

Animal or human bite

Bites and animal scratches can cause serious infections so needs to be dealt nicely with presence of the doctor. Try to keep the injured area elevated. Wash the bite carefully with soap and water.  Apply antibiotic ointment.

Sunburn, Sprains and Strains

Most sunburns are easy to treat, take your child for a cool bath or sooth the burn with a cool, damp cloth. Gently pat the skin to dry. Apply aloe vera and make your kid drink lots of water as sunburns dehydrates the body. For sprains, rest the limb with keeping it supported and elevated if possible. Apply icepacks and take OTC medicines for pain relief.

In the absence of a doctor these first aid tips are what you need to practice!

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