Best Extracurricular Activities for Children

Feb 13 , 2020

After enrolling children in prestigious schools, parents let out a sigh of relief as their kids are now on the path of growth and development. Extracurriculars are often overlooked in the process and people do not realize the impact of activities that children take up after school. 

It not only helps in overall personality development but also keeps children off from spending too much time with phones and tablets. Since there are loads of activities these days and if you are not sure which one offers maximum benefits for your kids so here is the answer


It is a popular post-school activity for kids and many schools have a separate gym space for students to come and practice. It basically is a form of assembled activities that help develop agility, strength, and flexibility in children. It is also known to have a positive impact on their cognitive development. 

Martial Arts

There are a number of martial arts to pick from. It is a great way to learn self-defense and it also helps children build confidence. Apart from that, martial arts essentially teach how to stay disciplined and that is a great trait to pick early on in life. 


Singing is a great extracurricular activity for children who are in performance arts. Professional training in singing from a young age can even encourage them to take up singing full time and turn it into their profession. 

Drama classes 

Participating in plays and drama can help children build a lot of confidence and even improve public speaking skills. Once children get used to performing on stage, they also feel comfortable participating in other activities that involve performing in front of the crowd. 


Not only do our robotics programs help to establish science, technology, engineering, and math concepts, they also work to build on students’ team-building skills as they work to complete fun challenges. Besides this it also helps in improved creative thinking skills, social skills and problem-solving skill

Art Classes

Painting and art classes helps young kids with handwriting development and opening up of their creative mind , imagination and colour knowledge too.

Here are some activities that can be the best picks for your children. Other great extracurricular options that you may want to consider are swimming, sports, creative writing, calligraphy, and cooking. 

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