Thoughts that most of the woman get when she is pregnant

Thoughts Women Have During Pregnancy

May 17 , 2021

Every woman wants to become a mother at the right time and age. Though getting the news of your pregnancy is a great feeling but not everyone has the same reaction to it. So, here are some of the common thoughts that most of the girls get when they are expecting:

1. Oh My God, I am so happy. I was waiting for this day from so long. Who should I tell first about this?

2. Oh No, now I will look fat and it will be so difficult to reduce again.

3. It will be a girl or a boy? Who will the baby resemble more me or him?

4. Shit how painful will it be? Should I go for a normal delivery or a C-sec?

5. Oh No, double lines mean that its positive! “Calm down I think I should check it one more time.

6. How is this possible? I am not ready for it right now. We took precautions then how this happened? I am so nervous right now.

7. How will my friends react to it? Now no more parties, no drinking, just rest and rest. Should I reveal this news on my social media or not?

8. Are we mature enough to take such a big responsibility at this time? I have to talk to him and then decide because this is really going to be tough.

9. Vow I will shop for a newborn now. Babies’ clothes are just too adorable. I will buy a lot of toys and cute stuff for my little munchkin.

10. Oh God, how will I handle if it will be twins? I don’t even know how to hold such small babies, they are so sensitive.

11. I can’t believe that I will be a Mom after 9 months. It’s a mixed feeling just can’t explain.

12. What will be his reaction? I am sure he will go crazy after knowing this news. Just praying that he does not get a shock.

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