Cold and Flu Myths

Common Cold and Flu Myths

Jan 25 , 2021

Even today with advanced medicines and medical precautions by side, there are many myths regarding some diseases, flu and vaccines that need to be debunked. Here we have some common cold and flu thoughts we all have heard and must have shared with others too, but are total myths. I also thought and took care of the same when my kids suffered from cold but some are just myths that we do not need to follow anymore.


The flu vaccine causes the flu

The flu vaccine helps you to prevent flu but vaccine when taken can cause cold and flu for some time is a myth. The flu shot is made with a killed virus, so it is impossible to get affected by it.

Going out in cold will cause cold

We have always heard that going out when its freezing or with a wet head can cause cold but the truth is you catch cold because of the indoor and outdoor temperature change.

Avoid dairy when sick

Avoiding dairy at this time is not going to help anyway as dairy products have nothing to do with cold and flu. On the contrary, it is advised to drink or eat dairy products such as cream-based soups, pudding etc as they are soothing for sore throat.

Antibiotics can cure it

Colds are caused by viruses, and antibiotics only work against bacteria. In fact, taking antibiotics when having viral infection makes things worse. Taking it can upset stomach, cause diarrhoea, rashes etc in children.

Cold and cough medicines will cure it faster

In younger kids, cold medicines can actually cause unwanted side effects. They can make them comfortable for the time being but cannot make them better faster.

Cold can turn into flu

Flu and cold are caused by different viruses, so the cold can never give flu, as both are two different things.

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