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Tips to Keep your Child Safe on Holi

Mar 25 , 2021

Holi is just around the corner and it is a festival that our kids enjoy the most. They are super excited to play with water balloons and their fancy pichkaris but as this festival of colors has slowly become dangerous, because of the chemicals used in colors, hence there is a need for safety. So here are some tips to ensure your kids have a safe holi:

  • Skin care

Source Home Solutions

Source Home Solutions

Make sure you cover up the whole body of your child and there is minimum skin exposed. Go for full sleeve clothes for both girls and boys. Apply moisturizer to their face and body thoroughly.

  • Haircare

Apply oil to your kid’s hair one night before holi and repeat this again in the morning. Tie your girl’s hair before she leaves to play.  To protect her hair you can also tie a scarf.

  • Pichkari etiquette

Source Cleartrip

Source Cleartrip

Teach your child how to use pichkarri. Tell them to use it away from people’s face, especially their ears and eyes. Also, tell them to use it from a distance. Just teach them to use it in a way that it doesn’t harm anyone.

  • Use organic colors

Use only natural and herbal colors while playing Holi. Avoid using toxic colors that might cause skin allergies in kids. The eco-friendly colors are easy to wash off and cause no skin damage. If your child is going out to play Holi give them a packet of herbal color.

  • Keep an eye on your child

Adult supervision is very crucial while your child is playing Holi. Make sure you are around him when he is playing with color or water. Stay close to your kids, in order to prevent accidents.

  • Appropriate footwear

Not only clothing, but footwear is also important.  You must ask them to wear covered shoes instead of chappals. Also, make them wear socks as well. This way their feet will be protected from colors.

  • Use natural ubtans to wash colors

While washing off your kid’s color, use homemade natural ubtans or organic soaps only. Avoid using harsh soaps to wash off colors.

Holi is a time of celebration, but you need to be careful. Have a safe holi.

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