Easily Digestible Foods for Children When they are Sick

May 24 , 2021

Children may lose their appetite when they are sick and that can make it difficult for the parents to make them eat something nutritious. It is important to eat something healthy while being sick as the body needs nutrition to recover from the illness.

Sometimes, it is easier to make children eat something which may not be healthy exactly but can build up their appetite and many medicines are not advised to be consumed on an empty stomach.

Wondering what are your options? Here are some food items that you can feed your children which can be digested easily when they are sick.



Mashed Potatoes

Flavored Rice

Vegetable Soup

Scrambled Eggs

Curd Rice

Bananas and Mangoes

Homemade Pudding

Here are some options for you. Prefer cooking their meals at home till they get better.

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