Bed-Wetting Myths

Jan 12 , 2021

Parents are always stressed and tensed regarding bed wetting by their children as they do not understand the real reason behind it.We often get to hear a lots of myths about wet betting so we finally decided to debunk them so here are few of them and the real facts about them . Now

Kids wet the bed as they are too lazy to go to the washroom

Bedwetting is normal for kids who do not know to stay dry at night. This is wrong saying that they do so as they are too lazy to go to the washroom. There can be different reasons for a child’s bedwetting daily like delay in bladder reflex development that is when the kid does not get a signal to the mind to get up. It can also be that their body may not be producing enough anti-diuretic hormones that slow down the urine production which further does not give any signal to get up for the washroom.

Bed wetting

If you punish them they will stop doing it

Punishing is not the solution! Kids who wet the bed at night does not have any control on it, so punishing is wrong. Scolding them for this reason is just a damage to their self-esteem and makes the kid feel that he has disappointed everyone. The best thing is to remain calm and support the child as they need to be helped in understanding that the problem goes away slowly.

It is caused by stress

It is not caused by stress but instead can be caused due to delay of bladder maturation or maybe because deep sleepers don’t get up or do not feel like going to the washroom when their bladder is full.

Proper toilet training stops bedwetting

Wetting the bed does not mean the child has not been trained properly for using toilets. Urine control in the day is different to what when the child is sleeping. Parents need not blame themselves of not training their kids properly and neither should they be irritated on the children

It is caused by drinking too much water

It is not true as there can be many other reasons for it. Parents need to limit their kid’s intake of sugar or caffeinated drinks before bedtime but during the day they should not be stopped from drinking water.

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