Easy Ways to Teach Numbers to Kids

Sep 06 , 2021

A lot of children don’t love math, but as parents, it is our duty to teach them every subject and make them like it as well. You can make learning activities about numbers and counting fun for them and not a chore. Teaching numbers to children can be quite simple if you motivate them to relate numbers with activities they perform on a daily basis. So here are some easy ways to teach your kids numbers:

  • Use rhymes 

Using rhymes and songs to teach kids is a fun way of learning numbers. Use songs and rhymes such as ‘10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’, ‘This Old Man – He played One’, ‘The Ants Are Marching One by One Hurrah,’ etc. They will enjoy it and learn numbers as well. 

  • Play number games

Kids learn better when they play so you can incorporate numbers in their games. Like you can ask your kids to draw circles and count them. 

  • Write Down Numbers and Make the Child Draw that Quantity

Write down numbers in a drawing book and have your child draw something that signifies that quantity. Like for three you can ask them to draw three flowers and more like that. 

  • Play connect the dots

This game will teach them the order of numbers. Use a paper or chalkboard to form a shape with numbered dots. Next, help them to connect the dots to draw that shape. This will help them in learning the numbers. 

  • Lego

You can ask your kids to play with Lego as they count the pieces. This way they can play and learn. 

  • Count on fingers 

Counting fingers and toes is a great way to introduce numbers to kids. You could make them count the fingers on each hand and ask them to compare the number of fingers on each hand

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