Funny things Parents of Triplets can Relate To

Aug 24 , 2020

It’s not that easy to handle triplets as all of them need equal attention and love though parents never stay back in fulfilling the wish of their children however at times they are not able to do so. Many of us have single or two kids but there are few who are blessed with triplets and here are some common things that only they can relate to

1- You are habitual of getting disturbed because of your kids fighting on small things.

2- Everyone needs the same gift or better than each other.

3- You are tired of hearing why did you want three kids? Did the last one happen accidentally?

4- They are all jealous as they feel you love the other two more.

5- At times you feel like your home is like a circus where the drama never ends.

6- Immediately grab the baby stroller for three because it’s not that easily available.

7- Arguments in the car are something you can never get rid of.

8- Everyone wants equal pocket money to spend.

9- You are afraid of saying anything in the fear of defending one out of three.

10- Half of your time goes in deciding how to do justice to all.

11- Solving the fight among three is like going on a mission.

12- You feel great to meet others with three kids.

13- You know about all the celebrities who have triplets and are proud of it.

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