Ayurvedic Nutritional Tips for New Moms

Jun 15 , 2021

Ayurveda has helped many new mothers recover and care for themselves postpartum. It helps in restoring the energies of the body after the delivery which according to Ayurveda, causes problems like constipation, bloating, anxiety, sleeping disorders, etc. 

Recovery for new mothers can be made easy by following these ayurvedic tips. It can even improve lactation in new mothers so we tell you some ayurvedic nutritional tips which can be helpful for them. 

Take proper rest 

It is important to give your body some time to heal from the delivery. Make sure you sleep well after the delivery and avoid going out for at least a month after your delivery as it can hinder your energy. 

Improved lactation 

Some mothers may struggle with producing milk and that may happen due to hormonal changes and stress. Fenugreek, ginger, and garlic have helped many breastfeeding mothers with this problem. 

Help uterus regain its normal shape 

After the delivery, there is a void that is left behind in the body and is recognized as Vata/Vayu in Ayurveda. To minimize that, it is important to take proper care of nutrition and lifestyle. A general rule that will help is to eat freshly cooked and warm meals. 

Include healthy fats 

Breastfeeding mothers are advised to include rich foods like ghee, nuts, milk, and grains in their diet. It helps in reducing Vata Dosha. 

Postpartum constipation

This is one of the common problems that every new mother faces. Constipation issues can last for a long time so to help ease that, switch to ayurvedic teas from your usual drinks. 

Here are some general ayurvedic tips that can help new mothers. Consult with an expert to figure out the best ayurvedic diet tips according to your body and lifestyle. 

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