Reasons why adoption is not an option for many people

Why People Don’t Consider Adoption?

Jul 11 , 2018

The biggest gift you can give to a kid is a beautiful life and it is something that everyone should be proud of. Adopting someone needs a big heart and courage but many people take a step back not only because they want a biological child but for other reasons too.  Read on to know those reasons and how justified they are

1. Pressure from friends and family

In our society people can’t resist interfering in other’s personal matters. Many people don’t have a positive look towards adoption so they pressurize others especially their closed ones who plan to adopt a child. They even try to brain wash them by putting an example that only blood relations are  real.

2. Fear of losing partner

A child needs both father’s and mother’s love but in many cases one of the partners does not agree in adopting the child so in such  situation they do not go for it .

3. Not being equally fair

Many couples already have their own kid but, they plan to adopt the other. and in such state they often quit their plan in fear of being unfair. People get biased to their own child, which might hurt the other one.

4. Finances

Reasons why adoption is not an option for many people

Many times, financial issues are also the major reason of not thinking about adoption especially when you already have one kid.  Raising a child in today’s time is not easy as to fulfill all his social and emotional needs you must be financially strong.

5. Mentality

Mentality plays a major role in adoption as you must have an optimistic viewpoint towards it. A narrow mindset can never let you go for this option as you can never love that child the way he deserves.

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