How Does Blowing Raspberries Benefit a Baby?

Aug 27 , 2021

When your little munchkin sticks their tongue out and makes a fizzy sound, it is called blowing raspberries. Most of the babies love doing this all the time. It is a notable skill during infancy and could be essential for a baby’s language development.

When do they start blowing raspberries: 

Most babies started blowing raspberries around 6 to 8 months of age but some may start doing it as early as 5 months old. It is one of the most adorable things to watch. 

Why do they blow raspberries? 

Babies do this as a part of their language development, blowing raspberries lets them exercise their tongue and lips. Another reason is they do this for attention, babies between the ages of four and six months often respond to sounds by making sounds 

The noise and the jaw movements babies make when they spit bubbles helps their lips and facial muscles exercise.

Benefits of blowing raspberries

  • Exercises facial muscles 

To blow a raspberry the baby sticks out the tongue, puckers the lips around it, and pushes the air out. This exercises the baby’s facial muscles. 

  • Learning voice control 

Babbling, cooing, and blowing raspberries encourage experimentation with voice control.

  • Improves bonding 

Since the baby often blows raspberries to interact with the parents, it builds a great bond between parents and baby.  It encourages activities that parents and babies can try together.

  • Treats sore gum 

Some babies might blow raspberries to soothe their gums while teething. The sound and vibration released while blowing raspberries could ease the irritation. 

How to respond to it

Respond : Imitate the baby and set aside a unique sound to respond to your baby blowing raspberries.

Talk and Sing : Talk and sing and  encourage them to join you along, even if it is through cooing and blowing raspberries sounds.

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