How to Give Your Child Positive Attention

Jun 02 , 2020

Positive attention encourages healthy behavior in children and also improves self-confidence. Young children are very impressionable so it is an ideal age to form healthy habits and secondly positive attention improves the parent-child bond. So here is how you can give your child positive attention. 

Communicate when you don’t have time 

Adults often get caught up in busy schedules and children ask for attention at the same time. It is important that you express yourself well and make your child understand that you will listen to them once you are through with your work. 

Compliment them 

Complimenting children boosts their confidence and keeps them interested in the activity they are pursuing. Make sure you validate their efforts with compliments. 

Have meaningful conversations

Give them your complete attention when they are talking to you. Keep all your distracting thoughts aside and truly listen to what your child has to say. 

Acknowledge their efforts 

Parents are often too fixed on perfection and do not praise the child for accomplishing difficult tasks. Make sure you appreciate their efforts. This will motivate them to do better. 

Avoid negative dialogue 

Children often do something they are told not to do. Constantly telling your child no and what they are doing is wrong can be a bad idea. Instead, help them understand how they can do better and improve their behavior. 

Make sure that there is a solid line of communication and they feel safe to come to you with their problems.

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