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How to Make Kids Spend More Time Outdoors

Dec 16 , 2019

This new generation clearly doesn’t know the fun of playing outdoors and spending time with friends in the park. The little games and activities are pure fun but kids these days are only busy with a smartphone. Also it is difficult to convince them to put off the gadgets  and go outdoors. Staying indoors makes the child lazy and a  little sunshine and fresh air are important for kids. So as parents, it is our duty to make our kids spend more time outdoors because of the below benefits

  • Increased fitness levels
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved Social Skills
  • They become physically active
  • It makes kids healthier

How to encourage kids to spend time outdoors:

  • Take them outdoors

If your child makes excuses then do not listen to them. Plan a daily routine of going outdoors to a park where they can enjoy. Once they will start playing in the park with a few other kids they will like doing it every day.

  • Create interesting games for them

Source Amazon UK

Source Amazon UK

Give them ideas to play some interesting games or rather play with them. Make going outdoors more appealing to them. You can also buy some creative outdoor games for your kids.

  • Host outdoor parties

Arrange  outdoor play dates so that they get a chance to spend more time outdoors.

  • Plan picnics

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Source Dealz

On Sundays plan family picnics, select a nearby outdoor location and have  brunch. Or if you are planning a family movie night or dinner, then you can take these activities outdoors as well.

  • Accompany them

It is not that only kids spend time indoors, adults too prefer to stay inside so make it a routine to go on a walk with your child. This will be healthy for both of you and  your child.

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