Common Questions that every new parents ask

Questions Every New Parent Asks

Oct 12 , 2020

Having a munchkin in your family is the biggest happiness for every couple but along with joy, it also comes with a lot of stress as taking care of the baby especially  for first time parents  can be a tough task. During the initial few months  loads of queries and questions run in their  in mind and here are some of the common ones

What should I do to make my baby sleep? He always cries in the middle of the night.

How many times should I feed him? Is there any harm if I make him drink milk from a bottle?

What is the best way to make her burp? Is swaddling okay for babies or not?

Which medicine should he be given in case of fever and when should we take him to the doctor?

Why is our baby so weak? What should we do to make sure that he gains some weight?

Why does my baby cry so much?

What are those red spots on his body? Are they rashes or acne?

How should we cut his nails? It’s really scary and sensitive,  we must check the right trick to do it.

What is the right time for the newborns to take bath and what should be the temperature of the water?

Should I go for diapers or cotton nappies? Which is better for their health?

What kind of books should I read?

Are these toys safe for babies?

Should I use baby products or stick to just water for few months?

Should I try formula milk or not?

Should the lights be on while the baby is sleeping?

What kind of stool is fine and what should cause a serious concern?

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