How to Make Your Child Wear a Mask

Nov 30 , 2020

Children are confused since the start of this pandemic as the schools were abruptly shut down. Not only that, no one was suddenly allowed to go out and children could not even meet their friends. These past few months have been confusing for them and children are even confused about wearing masks. 

The masks that children have to wear are different from the ones that children would like. Here is how you can make your child feel comfortable wearing a mask. 

Protective masks for children 

Children prefer creative and attractive masks, the kind that catches their attention. There are many masks available in the market for children in different age groups. You can find the ones with superheroes, barbies, and cartoons printed on them. You can also encourage your child to wear a mask by helping them make it themselves. 

Correct masks for children 

With a variety of masks being available in the market, prefer the ones made out of breathable material and which have a layer of the filter that prevents the virus from passing through. Children below or of the age of 2 years are not advised to wear a mask. 

Convincing children to wear masks 

Tell your children why it is important for them to wear masks. Help them understand how it can keep them safe from catching the infectious . Also, tell them how they can be carriers of the disease and how their responsible actions will help their family stay safe. Also, help them pick out the ones that match with their favorite belongings and toys. This will keep them engaged and they will easily wear them without putting up a fight.  Give them time to get used to the masks. 

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