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Ways to Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period

Jan 12 , 2021

Preparing your daughter for her first period can be a daunting task. The girl’s first period can bring many questions for girls and their parents. While teenagers might be curious about what menstruation will be like, parents may be wondering about how to discuss this topic and teach their daughter about it. Many tween girls worry about when their period will begin, what it will be like, will it be painful. All of these questions can be scary. But as parents, you can ease her anxieties and prepare her in advance for her first period. So check out some ways to prepare your daughter for her first period:

•    Talk about the changes

Ensure that your daughter is well informed about menstruation and the normal changes of puberty. Tell her some of the common changes that she might experience before her period starts like cramps, headaches, headache, mood swings, and more. This will help her identify that she might get her first period soon.

•    Show her how to use a pad

You have to prepare her for all the circumstances, who knows she gets her period when you are not around. So it is time to tell her how to properly use a pad so that she knows how to use it.

•    Prepare her for mood changes

PMS is a real thing, tell your daughter that she might notice some changes in her mood. She might get cranky or her breasts might hurt before her period or even bloating can happen, tell her all this is normal. And there is nothing to worry about.

•    Answer “When it will happen”

The question that keeps hitting every teenage girl is “When will my period start?” well there is no exact age. The average age is about 12, but it’s not unusual for periods to happen before age 10 these days. One way to get a sense of when a child’s period might start is to know when the mother started her period and infer that the daughters may begin around the same age. So tell her, it will come when she is ready.

•    Discuss what to do if it happens outside the home

Tell your daughter that if she thinks her period has arrived, she needs to go to the washroom to check. It is always a good idea for all teen girls to keep a pad in their bags, just in case. If she gets her period, tell her to use a pad and calm down.

The best way to ease a girl’s anxiety about menstruation is by telling her when the change comes and prepare her in advance. Getting her period can be stressful but with some information and assistance from parents, she will be ready for the changes. By prepping her for this, she will know that this is normal and there is nothing to worry about when her period begins.

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