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List of the Physical Milestone for Children

Aug 24 , 2021

A baby’s development takes place in different stages when it is born which determines healthy growth and also tells if they are getting proper nutrition. The growth of the baby is primarily monitored for many reasons and physical development also impacts their skills development.

For this reason, there are general milestones for children that can help in determining if their growth is healthy. It does not have to be perfectly aligned with their development but they should be able to match a few of the activities enlisted. Here is a chart of the physical development that a baby is supposed to go through at an early stage in life.

2 months

  • Can hold head up with support
  • Gain movement in limbs

4 months

  • Can hold his/her head without support
  • Can roll from tummy and back
  • Uses elbow for movement
  • Can hold toys

6 months

  • Can sit on on back with support
  • Can rock in the position

9 Months

  • Starts crawling
  • Can sit on the back
  • Can stand with support

1 Year

  • Can sit on his back without support
  • Can stand up using legs and arms
  • Can stand and stay still or walk a little

18 months

  • Can walk on their own
  • Drink and eat using cups and spoons
  • Can run

Here is what development in children looks like in initial years. Their physical development depends on many factors, including genetics, nutrition, environment and others.

You can stay in touch with your doctor to know how can you help the child reach full development according to their age.

Keep in mind that the milestones above are simply the average ages at which specific development is observed. Certain conditions must exist for an infant or toddler to grow and develop. A young child’s basic needs, or physical needs, include:

  • Food (nutritious and age-appropriate)
  • Shelter (protection from harm)
  • Warmth
  • Clean air and environment
  • Health and dental care
  • Activity and rest

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