Tips to Make your Child a Better Reader

Jul 06 , 2021

As parents, we are always concerned about our children’s studies and especially about reading and learning. Reading is very important for a kid’s success in school and they must learn to read quickly and without fumbling. Children should have good reading habits as it builds confidence and improves the way of talking. This is when kids need parent’s support, so you must help your kid become a better reader and here are few ways to do so

  • Gift them reading material

When your kid will have reading material all around then they will read them more often, which will develop their interest. This way their reading skills will improve a lot. Gift your kid various kinds of reading books and magazine.

  • Read to them

According to studies reading out aloud to children can improve their comprehension, vocabulary, and decoding of the words. It will also create an interest in them to read independently.

Source Kids Academy

Source Kids Academy

  • Encourage all kinds of reading

Do not restrict your child to read only text or informative books, comics and magazines also provide a great reading experience. As long as the content is appropriate for their age do not stop them from reading various kinds of books. Also make sure they have something to read in their free time.

  • Take library trips

Make a habit to take your child to a library after every few days as it is a good place to explore new books and authors for free. Some libraries also host story hours, take your kid there and help him  develop good reading habits.

  • Discuss books

After your child has finished reading a book ask him about the theme, author’s name and likes or dislikes about the story. Share your own thoughts too with them.

  • Show a positive reaction

Your positive reaction to their reading will build up their confidence and they will try to become good readers.

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