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Pros and Cons of Boarding School

May 19 , 2020

As the child grows every parent thinks about their schooling options as in today’s world just getting the education is not enough, they need to learn practical things as well. Boarding schools are different than traditional schools because at boarding schools students eat , study and live together as well. Besides this they are taught to manage everything on their own. But as coins has both the sides so does boarding schools so if you are thinking of sending your child to a boarding school, check out its pros and cons below:

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  • Boarding school makes children more independent and self-reliant as they are taught to solve their daily problems on their own.
  • They learn to perform household activities.
  • Students become more confident and live a more disciplined life as they have a fixed time for everything.
  • As the children live in campus, they have fewer distractions so they  focus more on studies more.
Source Medium

Source Medium

  • Strict routine and independence from parents foster self-reliance among boarding school boys and girls.
  • The boarding school environment offers opportunities for personal growth and social development that are unavailable through other means.
  • Boarding school students are more creative and innovative.
  • They make stronger friendships for a lifetime.
  • They make less use of technology and are less social.


  • Boarding school is more expensive than other education options.
  • Kids often get homesick and miss their family and friends.
  • They can feel socially isolated as well.
Source canacopegdl

Source canacopegdl

  • Boarding school is full of different type of children, so the kid might have a hard time adjusting it.
  • Most boarding schools are either boys or girls, however, these days’ children must study in co-ed institutions.
  • They might suffer from academic pressure and might have to deal with bullying as well

There are many pros and cons of boarding school but as parents, you know what is good for your child and his future.  The decision to send your child to a boarding school entirely depends on the nature and needs of your children.

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