Silly Things Parents do in the Name of Strictness

Oct 12 , 2020

In life everything has a limit so everyone should understand the importance of balancing and staying neutral. However some just can’t get this and thus the result turns out to be worse.

Being a strict parent is good and also essential but getting hyper about everything is not right. There are ways to make children understand and do things but some guardians fail to do so. They just act dumb in the name of strictness. So let’s check out some of such weird things parents do and which they should stop doing:

1- Go to the child’s school every second day just to ask about him from teachers and to impress them so that they pay extra attention to their child.

2- Don’t allow them to go out and play rather ask them to read books in free time instead of watching TV or spending time with friends.

3- Take away the cell phone and lock it so that no one touches it and get distracted.

4- Getting angry on hearing about their child taking part in any curricular activity as getting good marks is above everything.

5- Impose pressure to get above 90% becaue anything below that is just too low.

6- Never give rewards because for them a child should know the value of everything and earn it themselves.

7- Don’t let their daughter talk to boys as they have a fear of getting attracted towards each other.

8- Boys can do anything but girls have to think before their actions. Wearing short clothes does not reflect that you are from a good family .

9- Even on small mistakes they can’t talk with patience because for them beating is the only option.

10- Keep on criticizing the child so that they become stronger. Secondly pampering can spoil children so they stay away from it.

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