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Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset in Children

Jul 12 , 2021

Many of us grow up hearing a lot of comments and are even judged for the things we do. While it is something that can’t be totally avoided but children may feel limited and that affects their growth. Believing in one’s capacity to grow as a person is important and that can determine the trajectory of life. Some of the traits are developed with time and as parents, it should be a foremost responsibility to encourage a growth mindset. It does not happen in a day or two as it can take years to form so it can be cultivated through efforts and consistency.  We tell you some ways to encourage children to develop a growth mindset so they can strive to do better.

  • Help them accept that mistakes are normal and they can move forward. Many parents criticise young kids to the point where children start to believe mistakes are hard to recover from. 
  • Children enjoy learning things when they are praised for their efforts. Acknowledge their efforts will also develop a positive attitude towards taking on challenges. 
  • Children who seek validation tend to feel miserable. Make them prioritise learning and understanding how they feel about themselves instead. 
  • Keeping a goal is important but enjoying the learning process can make things interesting. Encourage them to learn new things with this mindset. 
  • There is no rush to get better and excel at everything. Things may take time and sometimes, the reason behind delay can be beyond anyone’s control.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate small victories. Yes, one can always do better but words of encouragement from parents can mean a lot to children. 

All these can help you inculcate a growth mindset in children. Which method works the best for you? 

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