Reasons why you should delay your newborn’s first bath

Debunking Myths for New Mother

Aug 24 , 2020

A new parent always get advises from friends, family and even stranger who finds the baby cute. Though at times they are really useful but some of them should to be silently ignored. Read on to find out the truth of those silly advises:

Myth: A newborn baby should be massaged daily as it improves the blood circulation.

Fact: A massage is only beneficial if done properly.

Myth: Sweets cause worms.

Fact: Sweets have little to do with it but however, too many sweets can cause itching between your child’s buttocks.

Myth: If your child has fever, wrap him or her up in blankets.

Fact: If your child is suffering from fever and you wrap her in a blanket, the fever will not come down. In fact, it may rise so the child should be kept cool for the fever to go down. Dabbing the child’s forehead with icy cold water helps bring the fever down if it is very high.

Myth:Women look beautiful when pregnant with a baby girl

Fact: Some women get a pinkish glow that looks healthy, plus they’re happy, so they have an aura that comes through in their face.

Myth: Eating carrots can improve vision.

Fact: Although it’s true that carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is essential for sight, so are many other foods (asparagus, apricots, nectarines, and milk, for example). A well-balanced diet can provide the vitamin A needed for good vision, says the AAO

Myth: Breast milk can treat ear infections.

Fact: Breast milk is the best source of nourishment for your baby. However, putting breast-milk in baby’s ear is not at all a good idea to treat an ear infection.

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