take care of your newborn in winters

How to Take Care of Your Newborn in Winters

Dec 21 , 2020

Winters is always a period of concern for new parents as little one requires special care during winters. Just layering them with clothes is not sufficient as they need much more care than this. Here are a few tips I learnt along the way which make taking care of newborn in winter easier:

Avoid over-dressing your baby as it can be extremely uncomfortable for him..Just add one extra layer to your munchkin than you wear. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and muslin so you can take clothes on and off as needed. Make them wear mittens and socks to make them feel cozy.

take care of your newborn in winters

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I found swaddling very useful for my baby. Remember to use natural fibers for swaddling. Try to use multi-layers of the light blanket than, covering the kiddo in one heavy layer.

take care of your newborn in winters

Your newborn has a sensitive skin, therefore, avoid over-using products like baby soaps, shampoos, and body washes. If required as the doctor for the medicated ones instead of regular drugstore brands.

At the time of bathing your baby might feel the weather change. Try to maintain a balance between the bathroom and bedroom temperature.

Be sure that your kid takes all the required vitamins and nutrients that are essential for proper growth.

Massage your baby with almond oil as its naturally rich in emollients and pure enough for sensitive baby skin. Check the temperature of the water too.

take care of your newborn in winters

Make sure anyone handling your baby should first wash their hands properly.

Breastfeed your kid more often during winters, it will help them stay hydrated. Secondly your body heat is the best way to warm up your baby.

Babies easily catch a virus, so be more cautious that they do not get exposed to an infected person in winters.

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