These Habits Can Keep Children From Catching Eye Infections

Jun 01 , 2021

There are many types of eye infections that children catch from time to time. Some may be contagious and some of them are usually the result of unhygienic practices. Children can be taught how to save themselves from catching eye infections. Taking care of a few things and developing hygienic habits will reduce their chances of catching a contagious infection.

Here are some habits that you can teach your children so that they don’t catch an eye infection.

  • Make sure they wash their hands after coming back home after playing in the park.
  • Avoid using public swimming pools as the chlorine used in them can cause irritation in the eyes.
  • Use warm water to wash the eyes after spending a long day outside.
  • Do not mix the laundry of other family members as it can spread the infection, in case one is caught.
  • Use separate face towels for each family member.
  • Ask children to keep their fingers clean and nails trimmed.
  • Keep an eye on the possible allergens. Some children are allergic to pollen and dust.
  • Schedule eye checkups for your children for any early diagnosis.
  • If you know of a friend or a classmate of your child that has an eye infection, ask them to take necessary precautions.
  • Make sure your child stays home if he or she has caught an infection.

Use these tips to build hygienic habits over time.

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